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בכל מקרה, *המעט* שכתבת זה דברים בסיסיים מאוד בכל מדינה מערבית נורמלית , תכף תגיד שכמו חסידי ברסלב אנחנו צריכים להגיד תודה שקמנו בבוקר וכל היתר זה בונוס?

Engagement metrics assist you to know how fascinated a web site's visitors are Together with the internet site's articles. The metrics are up-to-date everyday based on the trailing three months.

האקדמיות המובילות בעולם למדעי המחשב (ברקלי וסטנפורד), סיליקון וואלי, תעשיית הסרטים ההוליוודית. בקיצור, מרכז העניינים...

When you established this file, you should Observe that The reality that it's been proposed for deletion would not automatically signify that we do not benefit your form contribution. It simply means that one human being thinks that there's some precise challenge with it, for instance a copyright issue.

File:Whitney_Museum_PC230112.JPG has long been stated at Commons:Deletion requests so which the Local community can go over whether it should be retained or not. We'd value it if you could drop by voice your opinion relating to this at its entry.

מה קשור גנון? אני רק אומר שהגמל (אתה) לא רואה את הדבשת של עצ

in well-liked international locations. If a country just isn't mentioned, it's mainly because Alexa does not have adequate facts for This website to rank/measure

Take note that any unsourced and untagged illustrations or photos is going to be deleted just one 7 days after they have been uploaded, as explained on conditions for quick deletion.

קצת מצחיק להתלונן על הכפשות ואז גם לכתוב משפט כמו "הצורך הזה של הישראלים לגמד" וגם לא לראות שאת מה שהתלוננת עליו עשית כרגע בעצמך...

File:Naharia_IMG_1163.jpg continues to be outlined at Commons:Deletion requests so which the Group can focus on whether it ought to be stored or not. We'd enjoy it if you may visit voice your opinion about this at its תגיש לי entry.

Be sure to remember to respond to and – if proper – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which concentrate on the nominator won't have an effect on the result of the nomination. Thanks!

Hi, I have a matter for you, if you do not mind. I noticed this photo from this Web-site and I desire to add it below, but To begin with I need to question you about its copyright.

קהילות אירועים הכרויות טיולים חברים בלוגים קבוצות משחקים מודעות

When you made this file, please Take note that the fact that it has been proposed for deletion doesn't always indicate that we do not benefit your variety contribution. It basically signifies that a single individual believes that there is some particular problem with it, for instance a copyright situation.

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